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Create, Send & Track!

How easy you want to sell your service and product, then stay so close with your customers all along?

Now, that is what Profitaa will do for you! Create invoices, email them and expect payment notifications. Your customers will be able to settle the invoices with their credit cards or even crypto payments like USDT (Tether) and Bitcoin.

You won't have to worry about reconciling that to your CRM, Profitaa will do all that while you concentrate on what matters - service and product delivery to your customers.

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Customer Relationship Management

Gets Closer!

How beautiful it is to send your customer their username and password to your CRM, have them login and see progress of their job with you? Nice, we know :)

They will access invoices, receipts and any other details you have uploaded for them regarding the service. They will be reminded daily on renewals and due payments via email.

Oh no! We are not forgetting they will also be able to communicate with you using the ticketing system on the CRM. We mean, how best can you build a relationship without a good two-way communication? Learn More

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Accounting & Finance

All is clear, all is bright!

Taking off without a precise account book will definitely land the new jet in shambles :( You will have to set up your account books, expense budgets, business policies to have a clear picture of your business.

So as you receive payments for your invoices and also make expenses, they are tracked to the right books. "Hey, I need to double down on the chewing gum expense". Yea, Profitaa could alert you on that, you know :)

At any given time, you will be able to see in real time, your trial balance, which is all your assets vs liabilities.

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You like to move it move it!

From procurement to warehouse, to other mini-stores, to your inventory and to the customers shopping cart. Stock movement and history hasn't been this easy and transparent. Profitaa makes sure they are not just moved but accounted for!

No argument between you and your suppliers about who is owing who. All procurement manifests are documented to their respective supplier and each supplier treated as a batch, all items traceable to their current status.

Now we have just saved you from screaming "Who sold the remaining of the chocolate pack?"

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Keep them safe!

Profitaa has a warehousing feature that enables you to take-in stocks directly from your suppliers or manufacturer into your system. From the warehouse, stocks are further moved to the respective outlets you have setup. Such that, you can monitor the outlets performances and transfer between any of them.

Distribution between the warehouse and other outlets is easy. Each outlet can also request for stock transfer, when they run out of quantity.

Head up Store Keeper! Make sure your warehouse is rodent-free. Profitaa is just an app not a pest-controller :D

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HR /Personnel

Keep them happy!

With a click, all your staff receive their payslip on their email - wow we are impressed too :)

From engagement to disengagement and all activities in between - that is what Profitaa will have you to handle, so you can focuse on growing this business to Forbes top 10!

Staff can be positioned on a role with defined access rights and granted permissions. You can track their activities on the system using the audit trail and can as well limit their access or take them off completely - the ball is in your court, em... field, we prefer football :)

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Other features

We can't say it all!

Try it yourself! Create an account to test-run Profitaa for free. You will be required to subscribe only after two (2) days.

Profitaa has other tools to help you reach your intended audience faster, such as the Bulk SMS Campaign tool. Consider Profitaa to be your business partner, not far from that in real terms, as it helps you do business the right way, measuring your progress every second.

We have a dedicated documentation directory that contains guides on how to use the system. Our Live Chat widget is also available on this page to chat with any of our agents.

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